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At Tides & Timberline we have a responsibility to protect the lands we love. That is why we have pledged to give back 2% of every purchase to help protect our lands for future generations. Adventure responsibly!

Your purchase will directly support our favorite foundations. 

Conservation Alliance

Donations will be directed to the groups working to protect wild lands and water for future generations to enjoy." Enough said. #WeKeepItWild

Big City Mountaineers

Not everyone is fortunate enough to grow up having access to the great outdoors, and we agree with Big City Mountaineers in saying that the outdoors should be accessible to everyone and anyone. "Every contribution helps under-resourced kids develop the skills and perspective needed to navigate life’s challenges.

1% for the Planet

It's a large organization with an even larger impact on global wellbeing and the most pressing issues affecting our world. 1%FTP is a "global network of businesses, nonprofits and individuals working together for a healthy planet."

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